Travel with Nomads

You will be hosted by nomad families of the Nouaji tribe. They will offer you an authentic insight into the real life of nomads. Abdellah Naji - their spokesman – organizes the tours. He was born in the desert and was one of the few of his tribe who could attend school. He went on to study antrophology. Abdellah is an experienced guide and patient cultural mediator. He sees himself as a protector of the rich nomadic culture, which is threatened with extinction.

Abdellah Naji founded Renard Bleu Touareg to give members of his tribe the chance to earn money in a context they have been familiar with – in the desert and on camel trains. Most of them have lost all of their income following the end of the caravan trade and the loss of their herds due to droughts.

Renard Bleu Touareg is the outcome of a successful cooperation between the German association Azalay e.V. and nomads. Renard Bleu Touareg is self-governing and economically independent. The German partners are available to give multi-lingual support and information to anyone interested in the tours.

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