Sand. Vastness. Eternity.

We would like to share our riches with you.

The silence in the dunes. The thrilling vastness of the desert. The inspiring togetherness. Listening to stories while sitting around a crackling camp fire amongst good friends. An overwhelming star-spangled sky.

Renard Bleu Touareg organizes treks and cultural trips into the Moroccan Sahara. The agency was founded by nomads. Nobody can know better than they do what the desert can give us: magnificent landscapes, overwhelming hospitality, and people full of wisdom and friendliness.
Guests of Renard Bleu Touareg can be assured that this is responsible travel. The agency received a prestigious ToDo! award for socially responsible tourism in 2003. Renard Bleu Touareg donates a percentage of its revenues to vital local projects carried out by the German association Azalay e.V.; some of them can be visited during your trip.

In the following pages, Renard Bleu Toaureg would like to present its extraordinary tours: treks and rides with camels into the Moroccan Sahara; stays at nomad camps; encounter travels tailored for women; cultural trips into the desert and in the palm tree oasis; stays in the beautifully renovated ‘Ryad Le Sauvage Noble’.
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