Experiencing life in the desert

“God has created the desert to let us discover our soul” is a nomadic saying. This is why our guides - all of them are nomads – will do everything they can to help to find your soul. You will never forget the dawn you’ve experienced in the desert: slowly the stars are fading, the sun sends its first rays over the gently curved dune crests. While you are still lying in your sleeping bag, the nomads are lighting the camp fire. The aroma of freshly baked bread is reaching your nostrils...

Undoubtedly, your trip into the desert will be one of the most impressive experiences in your life. Instead of finding shortages, you will discover the desert’s wealth. The legendary hospitality of nomads will embrace you. The tea rite provides the day with a rhythm of its own. The tasty food is freshly cooked – vegetarians will also enjoy a broad variety of meals.

From the beginning until the end of your trip, you will be shepherded with great yet subtle attention. Everything has been thought of. Your guides will try to anticipate all your needs. The daily stages are adapted your endurance. After four to six hours of walking or riding on the back of a dromedary you will have enough time to relax, contemplate, read, and talk – on top of a dune or in the cosy 'parlour' that your guides will install with carpets in the middle of the desert each midday and evening.
Your hosts will try to help you to find what you have been looking for a long time: warmth, happiness, clarity, the feeling of vastness. Can you imagine anything more relaxing?
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